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Torn asaunders

POTTERY! Jam And Jerusalem, BBC1, 9.30pm

Jam and JerusalemWe're well aware of the warning signs associated with this new show - words like "gentle", "family" and "eccentric" have been thrown around, which in comedy terms are usually synonyms for "unfunny". But! We have a very reliable source who has seen this and who thought it was very funny, hence it's going to be on the front page. We do love it when something bucks a trend.

So, this is Jennifer Saunders's new sitcom, and following the glory of the early days of Absolutely Fabulous is going to be tough for anyone, as established by...well, the later series of Absolutely Fabulous. However, we're planning to watch this purely for the make-up job on Joanna Lumley alone. That is some seriously impressive shit. Plus we refer you to that rule we invoked yesterday, wherein any show involving David Mitchell is worth at least a little bit of our time.

Actually, that's kind of a good point - there's a lot of comedy pedigree here (as well as Jennifer, Joanna and David, there's also Dawn French, Pauline McLynn, Sue Johnston, Doreen Mantle, Sally Phillips and Rosie Cavaliero to name but a few), and we're going to suggest that surely with a cast this good the material must be quite strong. Admittedly we thought that about Scenes of a Sexual Nature and we got burned horribly, but we're still holding out hope that this will be a good show. Fingers crossed!

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