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The never-ending story

CHILDHOOD! Jackanory, BBC1, 4.30pm

JackanoryIn keeping with this week's theme of not really telling you about stuff in a timely-fashion, the much-talked-about return of Jackanory happened on Monday. We didn't have room to tell you about that for the same reason we didn't have room to tell you about Dawson's Creek that day either. Some days there's just too much good stuff on telly for us to cope with.

Anyway, if you don't feel too upset at the prospect of joining a story after missing the first part, here's one of those brilliant opportunities to revisit your childhood. Unless you're too young to remember it, or one of those people who lies about their age and would like to pretend they don't remember it the first time round. Personally, we used to love Jackanory, and Victoria Wood reading Roald Dahl's Matilda remains one of our formative television experiences to this day.

So, this week John Sessions is reading Muddle Earth, which we have no prior knowledge of, but which appears to be a slightly spoofy version of those fantasy novels that you read when you were a kid, unless you were too busy terrorising the neighbours or something. And we reckon that if anything's worth admitting your true age for, the return of Jackanory might just be it.

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