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FIERCE! America's Next Top Model, Living TV, 9.00pm

America's Next Top ModelWe've not been as vocal about this series of Top Model as we usually are, but don't think that we've lost the love; it's just that we no longer have access to Living TV so we kind of forget it's one. We had to draw your attention to this week's episode though because it's possibly our favourite episode of the season. Woo! Etc.

So, the girls are in Thailand and it's down to the final five of Danielle, Furonda, Jade, Joanie and Sara. Now, you may think that we've already had our obligatory hospital dash of the season earlier when the judging task involved walking in those ridiculous heels and Danielle nearly broke her pinkie toe, but you'd be wrong, for today one of the girls is so ill that she misses a challenge. Oh noes! Fortunately for us, those who do stay for the challenge (traditional Thai dancing) make it worth our while. Seriously: check out Furonda's moves. We love her so much.

There's a photoshoot with an elephant in which one girl rocks so hard she almost falls over, another girl attempts to copy the girl who rocks hard and ends up merely swaying gently, and the girl who fell ill triumphs against all odds. Seriously, it's great. And we're being so kind by not revealing who's who in all of that, although you can probably guess. We're a little sad at who goes home at the end of it all, mind.

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