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Curiosity killed the Katya

SOAP! Neighbours, BBC1, 1.40pm/5.35pm

NeighboursOne of the things we love about soap operas here at LOWCULTURE is their ability to unify viewers in the pursuit of a common goal, cause or belief. Case in point: the belief shared by most of the posters on the Hollyoaks thread on the messageboard that Craig and John Paul are secretly in love with each other. Another belief that unites many posters on the Neighbours thread: we hate Max.

It's actually quite convenient, since Max is married to Steph, and most of us hate Steph too, so we can concentrate a large amount of our hatred on one small area of Ramsey Street. However, there's bad news for Max, since what he does in today's episode is definitely not going to enamour him to a lot of us. Let's just say that it involves Max, and Katya, and a certain other resident of Ramsey Street who is generally well-liked, and the wrong end of the stick. But yep, there's going to be a load more Max hatred doing the rounds by the end of the episode.

Also happening today: Elle confesses to Cameron that she isn't really ill. We hope he slaps her in the stupid face, because Cameron rules and Elle kind of sucks. And the title of today's episode, by the way, is 'The Katya In The Ride', which is awesome and should win somebody somewhere an award of some kind.

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