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One last thing

OK, I know we said we were taking a break, but this is too good not to share. Watch all the way to the end!


1. Gail's wardrobe is fabulous.

2. Harold is still really fat, but looks thin by comparison to how fat he is now.

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I've become a little obsessed with the keyboard refrain.

Also loving Henry's no shirt and dungarees 'combo', predating Jake Shears by about 20 years.

By Blogger Joel, at 12:02 pm  

"Harold's gonna mad on his organ"

Never have grimmer words been said.

By Blogger [james], at 12:15 pm  

"Scott and Charlene in the singing contest at Lassiters."

Plain Jane Superbrain.

Des (cause of childhood pants stirring) Clarke.

"Neighbours...interfering with each other."

Best. Video. Ever.

By Anonymous jetsetwilly, at 9:37 pm  

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