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Best. Night. Ever.

SPOOK! Ghosthunting with Girls Aloud, ITV2, 9.00pm
SPOOF! So NoTORIous, Trouble, 9.30pm

Ghosthunting with Girls AloudWe'd like to give a big sloppy kiss to the person who came up with the idea of making Girls Aloud take part in a Most Haunted-type show (depending on how attractive they are, obviously). We love Girls Aloud more than life itself, and we do have a soft spot for schlocky ghost-hunting shows, so the idea of schmooshing the two together is just dandy as far as we're concerned.

Judging by the trailers that we've been watching, the Almighty Aloud will be getting the jitters in a number of spooky locations. That's pretty much all we can say, to be honest; if you've ever seen Most Haunted or even I'm Famous And Frightened, you'll know exactly how this works. Even Yvette Fielding's on hand to play along with the whole thing and swear unexpectedly every time something brushes against her ankle. Apparently Nadine chickens out before it even gets going and Nicola does a runner halfway through. This should be awesome.

So NoTORIousAnd speaking of awesome: we're appalled that we didn't know that the Tori Spelling sitcom So NoTORIous had finally made it to British shores, but we urge to all to watch it tonight, because it's one of the funniest shows we've seen in ages, and tonight's episode is the best one. Tori's new boyfriend introduces her to a religious cult by the name of "Wholeness" (cue lots of gags about "Tori Spelling's whole", of course), a zinging spoof of $cientology, where Tori and her friends are confounded by the bizarre rules and levels of hierarchy. Things to watch out for: the bit where Aaron Spelling (appearing in his usual form as a voiceover phoning in from one of his TV shows) tries to get Tori a spot on 7th Heaven, and the bit where Tori's gay friend Sasan makes out with a Wholeness closet case in a sauna. It's great, trust us.

(Also, we don't have time to mention it properly here, but it's Izzy's last episode of Neighbours. Sniff. God speed, fair Isabelle. Ramsey Street won't be the same without you.)

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