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Deck the cells

ENDING! Bad Girls: a Christmas Special, ITV1, 9.00pm

Bad GirlsVerily, woe is us. It has not been a good 2006 for LOWCULTURE, as we have witnessed the tragic death of two of our favourite TV shows: first the (perhaps overdue) permanent relegation of Footballers' Wives, and now the end of Larkhall as Bad Girls gets locked up for good. Bah, and indeed humbug. Let's hope Santa brings us some decent telly replacements for Christmas.

Apparently they didn't know this was going to be the final episode ever when it was filmed, but it still acts as a nice little coda to the series anyway, which is rather convenient. Anyway, it's Christmas at Larkhall and there's a distinct shortage of festive cheer, with Sylvia "Bodybag" Hollamby thoroughly abusing her role as the newly-appointed wing governor to be especially mean to everyone, and then of course there's the small matter of Natalie Buxton's corpose rotting somewhere beneath the toilets. Lovely.

Of course, this wouldn't be Bad Girls if it didn't get all screamingly camp at some point, so how about a retelling of A Christmas Carol where, after a falling out with her son Bobby Darren, Sylvia has a large brandy and goes into the land of nod, where the ghost of Natalie Buxton appears to show her what a thoroughly nasty person she is. Oh, how we'll miss this show. God bless us, every one.

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