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Grab your coat, love

FUNNY! Pulling, BBC3, 10.30pm

PullingWe're aware that we wrote about this a mere two weeks ago, but it's been so since we've loved a sitcom this much that we're doing it again. Seriously, we cannot stress enough how much we love Pulling: four episodes in, it's still making us laugh and making us cringe at the same time, in the sort of way that we're sure Extras would like us to do, but doesn't because it's just smug and crap and not actually funny.

We're even hard-pressed to pick a favourite character at this point. Obviously we're leaning towards drunken mess Karen, who has the potential to be a new figurehead of LOWCULTURE in this brave, Tanya Turner-less, new world. But then sometimes we wonder if she's too obvious a choice, because we love Louise's wide-eyed simplicity (not to mention the very different wide-eyed way in which she looks at porn on the internet), and the unerring devotion with which she pursues whichever unfortunate chap has caught her attention this week. We even have a soft spot for terminally deluded and indecisive Donna, and her emotionally co-dependent ex-fiancé Karl. It's quite hard to sum up on paper (well, on the internets, anyway) why we love this show so much, but there's something so brilliantly real and bleak about it, and yet it still manages to be really funny in a very natural way.

So, this week: Donna sleeps with Louise's boss, whom they all thought was gay, but might possibly not be so much now when you add the whole sleeps-with-women thing into the equation. Again: not the most inventive setup in the world, but we have full confidence that the execution will be awesome.

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