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Somewhat sketchy

NUDE! Tittybangbang, BBC3, 10.30pm

TittybangbangWhy, this would be the second series of Tittybangbang, then. Indeed, they're calling it Tittybangbang2 in certain circles, but we're just not sure about that additional two, so we're going to stick with the famous original title for now.

We gave up on the first series rather early, due to it feeling rather repetitive in places, but we've been urged by our friends and acquaintances to give it another go, since apparently the first series got bleaker and more tragic the more it went on, and perhaps that's not what comedy's meant to be about, but that rather appeals to us. Case in point: tonight, the Italian Lady (you know the one, "don't look at me! I'm shy!") decides she's too shy to carry on, so she hangs herself from a noose. In the middle of the stately home, with everyone watching. Mmmm. Dark.

We were a little disappointed with the "she's got a knife!" sketch this week because it seemed a bit predictable, but we've had a few giggles from this one so it's worth a look as far as we're concerned (and in case anyone's wondering, it's been available to watch online for a week, which is how we know all this. We're not precognitive or anything. Yet.). And is it just us, or does Lucy Montgomery make a very attractive man? It's really quite worrying.

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