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Avert your eyes, children

UH OH! Coronation Street, ITV1, 7.30pm

Coronation StreetAnd so we reach the last of our three soapland previews for this week, and we pray to the holy gods of television that there's something a little more varied for us to write about next week (we love our soaps and everything, but when we're writing about them more often than not, that's when we know we've got problems). To be honest, this doesn't sound like an especially vintage episode, but there was bugger-all else on that inspired us and at least a few interesting things are set to happen.

So, there's graffiti in Weatherfield, and unsurprisingly Norris is all het up about it. He's lurking to catch the vandal (and frankly if we were Norris, we'd be a bit wary about lurking anywhere in case we got mistaken for a dirty old man. It's an easy enough conclusion to jump to) and tonight is victorious, but the glory is short-lived when his citizen's arrest becomes an actual arrest. One where Norris is the criminal. Oh dears.

Elsewhere (and here's the bit you probably don't want to watch), Audrey's set to cement her role as the Street's resident strumpet of a certain age. Apparently having learned no lessons whatsoever from the hoo-ha over her dalliance with Fred during his final days, she's now making a pass at Bill Webster. Again. And he's married. This all sounds rather familiar, doesn't it? So, they're getting boozed up and maybe a little bit close and smoochy. If you're going to eat, it might be a good idea to wait until afterwards.

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