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The League Of Gentlewomen

HMMMM! Live! Girls! Present Dogtown, BBC3, 11.30pm

Live! Girls! Present DogtownThis has been an odd one. Billed as a comedy, we didn't really find it especially funny, and yet at the same time we didn't consider it a failure, because there was some lovely character work going on in there, and the whole thing was oddly compelling even if it wasn't making us laugh very much.

It's had a lot of (often unfavourable) connections drawn with The League of Gentlemen, due to the focus on a small village populated by strange grotesques mainly played by a small cast who take several roles each. Geography teacher Bob is particularly of note, due to being utterly, utterly horrific - the amount of times we've had to restrain ourselves from punching the screen whenever he's on is really quite alarming. We're rather fond of Carol and Denise, a domineering optician and a mousy librarian who get together after work to perform elaborate flights of fantasy where they're winning gold at the Olympics or meeting the queen (Carol gets all the best parts, of course). And the library noir (starring James Gaddas and Geraldine McNulty) is a nice touch - with the library vandal sure to be caught this week.

Judging by the way it's been shifted around the schedule a lot, we gather it's probably not been massively successful, but it has a small and appreciative following over on the messageboard, so you may find it worth checking in for the final episode tonight.

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