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And the winner is...

TROPHY! The National Television Awards, ITV1, 8.00pm

National Television AwardsIt's another awards show - squeee! There are so many awards shows these days that we really feel they ought to be celebrated. We are thus accepting donations towards the cost of staging the National Awards Show Awards, with thrilling categories like Best Face Of Surprise At Winning, Best Attempt At Covering Up Disappointment, Most Inventive Use Of Tit-Tape and Award Ceremony Most Likely To Succeed.

In the meantime, however, we shall continue watching such lovely ceremonies as the National Television Awards. Since the awards themselves are taking place on Tuesday, you will already know who won all the important awards by the time this airs, although we're writing this on Monday night (check us out, breaking the fourth wall like this!) so we still have no idea. We fancy EastEnders for Best Soap though, because it always wins despite all evidence to the contrary.

Most Controversial Award (oooh, there's another category) this year is obviously the one for Most Popular TV Contender, where Pete and Nikki take on Chantelle, Carol Thatcher and Richard Fleeshman, while we're all supposed to forget about the mighty Aisleyne. But we will never forget, d'you hear? We are the truth, and we shall not be silenced! Ahem. Actually, it will be quite interesting to see who wins that one. If Nikki wins it, it might trigger an apocalypse. Oh, and those well-qualified TV presenters Jack and Kelly Osbourne will be taking a leaf out of their mother's book of excellent, high-quality professional TV presenting and hosting coverage on ITV2, if you're feeling sadistic.

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