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Life as we knew it

LEGAL! This Life, BBC2, 11.20pm

This LifeOften imitated, never (in our opinion, anyway) bettered, This Life was the thinking person's sex-'n'-swearing drama of the late '90s. We missed the first series, but got utterly hooked on the second one, and it probably benefitted from being one of the few UK dramas to have a 22-episode series, like wot they do in America. And now it's back in a late-night repeat run - hurrah, indeed.

This is presumably because there's a 10-year anniversary episode planned for the Christmas period, reuniting us with the likes of Miles, Anna, Milly, Egg and Warren (although not Ferdy, we've been categorically informed, since he will be of the dead by that point). So this would be an excellent time to refresh your memory of what happened, or indeed to start watching if you missed it the first time around. The early episodes are particularly notable for the fantastically disgusting character of Miles's girlfriend Delilah (no, really) - we always thought that actress Charlotte Bicknell was never given due credit for bringing the character to life in such vivid colours. Plus they also gave us our favourite TV exit line of all time ("I haven't got time for an existential discussion; I'm off to get some cock.")

We're really hoping that we're not going to discover that it looks really dated now or anything (bearing in mind that when this was made, having shaky camerawork was a reasonably groundbreaking idea) because that would upset us. If you're planning to catch them all, there are two episodes per night, stripped across the week. You might be advised to set your video/TiVo/TiFaux/whatever it is that you have.

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I got into trouble during the last episode of "This Life" by pointing out all of the obvious plot contivances that were coming to a head and that anyone with a brain could tell that the Welsh one would be back for the final line.

...and they've killed Ferdy for the new one.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:12 pm  

Perhaps that's a good thing as Ferdy was a bit of a smug w*nker anyway. Although at least he did have some quite raunchy scenes with a ginger plumber, from what I can remember. Quite daring for the time!

It was a great show in its heyday with an interesting bunch of characters. So when we pick up on things in the Xmas special what will have happened to Milly and Egg? And who can forget the manipulative bitch-girl Rachel who tried to split them up? And Milly punching her? Hope there are some references to that!

By Blogger Old Cheeser, at 10:20 pm  

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