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GAME! Unanimous, Channel 4, 9.00pm

UnanimousThis should be interesting: breaking into the previously exclusively-reserved-for-comedy 9pm Friday slot on Channel 4 to schedule a gameshow, of all things. Then again, if we were Channel 4, we'd be feeling pretty cocky about being able to place a gameshow in the unlikeliest places and still get top ratings for it after the runaway success of Deal Or No Deal in daytime, so perhaps we should shut up.

You'll probably know about this one: it's been trailed from here to Timbuctoo, in trailers oddly reminiscent of the ones they made for the first series of Lost, so let's just hope this show doesn't turn out to be a crashing disappointment in the same way that that was. It's a fairly simple idea: lock nine contestants in a room with the possibility of winning £1million, on the proviso that they have to agree unanimously who deserves to win it, and the longer they take to decide, the smaller the prize fund becomes. Contestants include an athlete, a law student and somebody with the fine name of Lusipher.

It's going to demand a fair bit of loyalty from us as it doesn't appear to be the sort of gameshow where you get a nice resolution at the end of each episode, but there's lots of potential for bitching and rivalry, and we're always supportive of that kind of behaviour, obviously. What kind of people would we be otherwise?

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For any fans of the Unanimous show, we have two tickets to the after show on E4 to give away.

The tickets are for the shows final, so the winner will be there answering questions from the studio audience.

To enter the competition just click here


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