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Oz Fest

TRAVELLING! Tripping Over, Five, 10.00pm

Tripping OverWe've seen lots of ads for this one on the tube lately, so it's got to be brilliant, yes? Okay, perhaps that's no guarantee, but it does look a little bit more fun than your average homegrown post-watershed Five fare, so we're quietly hopeful for this one. Plus it has the lovely Daniel MacPherson, formerly of Neighbours and The Bill, which is an enticement for us to watch if there ever was. Other faces that we recognise in the core cast include Leon Ockenden from Family Affairs and Kathryn Drysdale from Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps, but we won't hold that against them.

Anyway, plot: it's all about travelling, innit. And basically, two sets of attractive young travellers from opposite sides of the world (that'd be the UK and Australia, just to make sure you're paying attention) collide during a stop over in Bangkok and the events that take place ensure that their lives Will Never Be The Same Again. We don't know any more than that, because all the pre-publicity stuff has been rather coy about revealing plotlines, so all we're going to say is: if they're being that darn secretive, it'd better be good when we find out.

In terms of other information you might need, Mike Bullen (of Cold Feet and Life Begins fame) was involved in the conception of this show. Whether that's good or bad kind of depends on whether you liked those shows or not, but from our perspective it does suggest a certain level of quality, so, um, hooray.

(Stop press! We've just spotted that Ramon "This Life" Tikaram, Paul McGann, Oliver "Green Wing" Chris and Brooke "Anne from Neighbours" Satchwell are going to be in it too! Score!)

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It has already started in Oz. One of the main blokes is a gay and there is male nudity.

By Blogger Alasdair R, at 4:21 pm  

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