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The secret life of them

OZ! Love My Way, Five Life, 9.00pm

Love My WayWe got quite excited when we saw this show was going to be on the new digital channels from Five (plug plug, not that they're paying us or anything), since it's from the same brains that brought us The Secret Life Of Us, which we loved endlessly despite it being shown at Stupid O'Clock on Channel 4 and us eventually losing the Battle of Staying Up Late and hence also the plot, although Wikipedia informs us that it was yanked from Channel 4 after the third series, by which point most of the original cast had left and everyone had stopped caring anyway, so that's fine.

This also shares a common factor in the form of Claudia Karvan, who holds the esteemed position of "ladies that could possibly cure us of the gay" (alongside Eliza Dushku, Famke Janssen, and Mrs Krabappel from The Simpsons), just in case you wished to know that. It's also fairly similar, centring around the lives and loves of attractive Australians of a certain age, although lots of them appear to be quite stroppy in the early episodes. It's also taking us a very long time to figure out exactly how everyone relates to everyone else. We love it when shows credit us with the intelligence not to have to spell these things out for us, but sometimes we suspect they really ought to just assume we're idiots to be on the safe side.

Anyway, if like us you missed this during it's original airing on Sunday because it clashed with Torchwood, here is your chance to catch up. We like it a lot, and that should be all the recommendation you need.

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