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Touch 'wood

ALIEN! Torchwood, BBC2, 9.00pm

TorchwoodWith all the squeeing that followed the premiere of this series on Sunday (LOWCULTURE's day of rest, unfortunately), for us to big it up now probably seems really old meme of us, but we didn't feel like we could let the week pass without mentioning this somewhere. As we all know by now, it got the biggest ever audience for a UK-originated non-sport programme on a digital channel with 2.4 million viewers, so it's probably safe to say that this was "quite a big hit".

In the unlikely event that you were sitting under a rock somewhere on Sunday night, the details run thusly: PC Gwen Cooper is investigating a standard murder case when she learns of the existence of a strange organisation called Torchwood. She decided to find out more about them and, after a series of attempts to infiltrate the headquarters that vary in ineptitude, she gets drawn deep into their world and learns all about aliens and stuff. It's a lot better than we just made it sound there, obviously.

There's something for everyone in tonight's episode: Captain Jack, oblique Doctor Who references, boy-on-boy action, girl-on-girl action, even some (frankly disgusting) boy-on-girl action. It's the series opening double bill, and just in case you were in any doubt that it's a post-watershed programme, the second episode deals with an alien sex fiend. It's ace, is what it is.

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