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Tate Modern

BOVVERED! The Catherine Tate Show, BBC2, 9.00pm

The Catherine Tate ShowA third series of The Catherine Tate Show? Am I bovvered? Is my face...well, you get the point. It's probably best we don't try to act like we're the first people ever to make that joke because our chances of pulling it off are around negative six. Anyway, this is liable to be the last series, so we shall shed a small sniffle because despite what a lot of people think of this show, we still really like Catherine Tate and find her very funny.

As well as the return of old favourites like Aga Saga Woman, Lauren, Nan and Derek Faye, there will be new characters. New! Ma Willow stars in Life at Ma's, a spoof of Life On Mars which we have to admit we're not thoroughly sold on from the way it's been described to us, but we're still fairly open-minded on the concept. There's also tough-talking John Leary's Mum, who takes rather excitedly to the news that her son is gay, as well as the I Can Do That Woman, who...well, her name probably gives it away. But we watched the clip, and we giggled.

Also coming to BBC2 tonight directly afterwards is the hit Jack Dee sitcom Lead Balloon, which started life on BBC4. It's really very funny indeed, and the scene in tonight's episode where he tries to barter with a shop attendant over the price of engraving a child's name on a present had us both cringing and falling off our chair with laughter in the way that Extras never did, so watch out for that too. It's a slightly odd match to play these two shows side-by-side, but then we like them both so who are we to argue?

(And over on Living TV we're just one episode away from the Veronica Mars finale. If you missed last week's episode, get the update here.)

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