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Hair scare bunch

STYLE! Celebrity Scissorhands, BBC3, 8.00pm

Celebrity ScissorhandsA friend tried to convince us the other day to go and have our barnet trimmed by the stylists-in-training at Celebrity Scissorhands. We demurred, because as much as we want to support charitable causes, LOWCULTURE's hair is a force to be reckoned with, and any unauthorised trims risk stripping us of all of our TV-recommending powers. We do know someone from our office went yesterday, but we've not seen the results yet.

Anyway, it's been on all week so you probably know what to expect: a group of celebrities (including Scott Mills, Rowetta and LOWCULTURE's pre-Badger The Apprentice favourite Michelle Dewberry) with no previous experience are learning how to style hair, and will be let loose on genuine A-list clients on Children in Need night. It's certainly an inventive idea, although we fear for the health of the person who came up with it when Beyoncé's (or whoever) "people" are hunting them down after she gets given a buzz cut.

Of course, they've still got a week to hone their craft, so if you tune in tonight you can see how they're all getting on. You can even play along at home: try to guess how long it'll take for one of them to snap and attempt to tame Alex Zane's "do". Or Russell Brand's, if he happens to be wandering past.

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