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SHINY! Goldplated, Channel 4, 10.00pm

GoldplatedWe realised some time ago that nothing will ever replace our beloved Footballers' Wives, though many will try and fail. And in defence of Goldplated, while we don't expect it to match the high-camp insanity of Tanya and the gang, it may just make up the amount of overtanned, soused, short-skirt-wearing catfighting that's been sorely missing from our TV sets lately.

It also appears to be set in a retirement village for people who used to be in Casualty, since we've spotted Barbara Marten (who played Eve back when we were obsessed with the show) and Kelly Harrison (who played Nikki more recently) in the cast, as well as Sandra Huggett, who's probably relived not to be playing a character called Holly for a change (interestingly, IMDB tells us that since leaving Casualty she's been in a production of A Slice Of Saturday Night, which is one of our favourite musicals ever, playing Frigid Bridget, who's our favourite character to boot. Not that you needed to know that). Who else will pop up? We'll sell the farm if Duffy and Charlie appear at any point.

Anyway, this will be exploring the lives and loves of the wealthy and flighty Cheshire set, who care about money above all else and are all duplicitous and backstabbing and stuff. Sounds right up our street. Hooray!

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It also stars Jacquie Leonard, she of the wonderful cheekbones and constant repition of the words "Joe, tell me whats wrong, Joe!"

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:33 am  

Gasp! How could we have missed that? That truly is a cast list of epic lowculture proportion.

By Blogger Steve, at 7:59 am  

I thought it was awful. Wholly unlikeable characters and a pisspoor storyline that we've seen a million times before in ever drama which involves more than one generation of women. The entire cast had that air of vaguely familar as well, which kind of remonded of the stuff they used to be in and wish I was watching that. Maybe it will improve.

By Blogger Lost Boy, at 11:24 am  

Jacquie Leonard and her cheekbones, along with her pithy slightly bitchy comments, were the best thing about this show.

By Blogger Adrian, at 6:05 pm  

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