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Fanny Pack

COOKING! Fear Of Fanny, BBC4, 9.00pm

Fear of FannyOkay, don't let this become public knowledge (we're only telling you because we like you and we trust you to keep a secret) but there are a few surefire ways to get a mention on LOWCULTURE. Include Jensen Ackles or Janice Dickinson in your programme anywhere? Oh yes. Make a show in the mould of Footballers' Wives? Step this way. Include a dirty pun about genitals in your programme title? Oh, absolutely.

We shall rise above the obvious jokes about lots of our readers having a fear of fanny, and press ahead with talk about the actual programme, for it's all business today. Julia Davis and Mark Gatiss star as the formidable Fanny Cradock and her put-upon husband Johnnie (respectively, obviously, although it would have been very interesting if they'd cast it the other way around) in this drama-with-lots-of-funny-bits about the tyrannical first lady of TV cookery.

We have a lot of residual love for Julia Davis left over from the first series of Nighty Night (not so much from the second series, oddly enough), and the clips that we've seen make this look toe-curlingly compelling. And frankly, with a title like that, we want a very good excuse if you're not planning on watching it - or at least a written note from your mum.

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