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Off they went with a Trumpitty Trump, Trump Trump Trump

THE END! The Apprentice USA, BBC2, 11.20pm

The Apprentice USAFirst things first: we're going to be away tomorrow, so this is your last update until Monday, everyone. Sorry, and that. (We would have written more, but we were busy last night fulfilling our LOWCULTUREly duties by going to see Ashlee Simpson, Brenda off The X Factor and Ian "Emmerdale" Kelsey in Chicago. Brenda was fantastic, Kelsey was mediocre and Ashlee was so good we're currently having to re-evaluate everything we thought about her up to this point. It's a little scary.) Also, please be sure to watch the last ever episode of Prime Suspect on Saturday, just because you should. Okay? We're all up to speed?

This is about the third time we've pimped this series, but we do love it so, so hopefully you can forgive us. It's down to the wire with Kendra and Tana fighting each other for the much-desired job as Trump's next corporate monkey, and if you've looked at the NBC website, you already know who's won. But at least whatever happens it'll be a girl this year, so that's nice. And at least it's not Craig. Or Alex. Or Chris. Or Michael. Or John. Or Kirsten. Or...well, you get the general idea.

It feels like the series is over far too soon, despite it being about twenty million episodes long (or eighteen, to be slightly more precise). We can only hope it comes back soon, because as much as we love Sralan and the UK version, the shiny, money-grubbing American contestants are way more fun to watch. See you on Monday!

(Don't worry, we didn't forget the Veronica Mars update. It's here.

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