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What a way to make a living

NINE TO FIVE! Jade's PA, Living TV, 10.00pm

Jade's PAIf Living TV decided to rebrand themselves as Jade TV overnight, we're not sure anyone would notice. We've followed Jade through the launch of her beauty salon, through the launch of her perfume, and now we can watch as a handful of people compete for the much-envied (it says here) position of Jade's personal assistant.

We have a feeling this may not be the first episode (we don't have Living TV in our house any more, sadly, and it's a little hard to tell from the listings), but this seems like a canny attempt by Living to cash in on the current desire for all things Apprentice-like. So do this make Jade the Martha Stewart to Sralan Sugar's Trump? That's...interesting.

Anyway, we can only imagine that the people competing for this position are probably far more keen on fame than they are on carving out a career as a celebrity PA, but frankly if they've got the pluck to put up with catering to Jade's every whim, good luck to them. This week they're being tested on such crucial PA duties as negotiation and, erm, cocktail-making. And why not, eh?

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