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Tru Blue

BACK! Tru Calling, Sky One, 9.00pm

Tru CallingWell we never! We thought we'd seen the back of this show a long time ago, after the axe was sharpened and fell. We assumed Sky had broadcast all of the episodes in existence (especially since the "complete series" DVD has been available to purchase for absolutely ages), but apparently not: finally, Sky One gets round to broadcasting the somewhat short-lived season two of Tru Calling, which starts tonight with a double-bill (and since this season only has six episodes, best get in now while there's still time).

Eliza Dushku (who is, and has been for some time, the top of the list of female celebrities that we find ourselves unnervingly attracted to. She appears to have the power to dispel The Gay. Don't let the Daily Mail find out, whatever you do) plays Tru Davies, a morgue intern who discovers that she has the ability to relive certain days, Groundhog Day style, in order to prevent people who were "taken before their time" from dying. Sounds like an interesting premise, but from what we saw of the show, it's really not that great. The Dushku does a marvellous job, obviously, but the scripts were wonky and the plots ridiculous. They did rope in Jason Priestley as a love interest/adversary type midway through to spice things up a little, but we still weren't convinced.

Apparently, Fox executives who were on the verge of cancelling it decided to give it a second chance, after the ratings went up midseason (presumably due to the Priestly-related retooling) and its main competitor (Friends on NBC) was on its final season. Unfortunately they lacked the courage of their convictions and dropped the axe after the sixth episode of season two, to replace it with that fine piece of non-hokum known as Point Pleasant. And if you don't know what we're talking about, consider yourself very fortunate. We're still trying to remove our memories of that show, which somehow managed to be worse than this one. Yeeeesh.

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Of course she'd save a lot more lives if she didn't run everywhere and just caught the bus instead.

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