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Van Goth

BITCHIN'! Pimp My Ride Extravaganza, Five, 7.30pm onwards

Pimp My RideAs far as enticing double bills go, it's hard for us to picture a more tempting offer than the Westwood-tastic UK version of Pimp My Ride (and we've come to find Tim Westwood strangely endearing recently, God help us) directly followed by Xzibit A, the original US version. The only possible problem we can see is that after all that pimpin', somebody's ass is going to be red raw. (Sorry.)

Anyway, we don't really feel as though we need to give this show much of an introduction: they take old bangers, and they upgrade them big style, to the point where you start to think they might need a late-hours licence in order to be legal. It's all very silly, but good viewing at the same time, and essentially harmless. Unless you happen to be crossing the road when one of these vehicles is heading towards you, of course, after they take out the windscreen and replace it with an inward-facing mirror or something.

Rumours that an independent production company are currently pitching a prostitute-revenge reality show called Ride My Pimp remain, sadly, unconfirmed.

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