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Fat Fighters

CHUBBY! F*** Off I'm Fat, BBC3, 9.00pm

F*** Off I'm FatWe're fairly certain that we missed our opportunity to point this show out the first time it aired, so we'll make up for that this time around. The very idea of the title, released before transmission, got the folks on our messageboard into a tizzy of excitement, and had us wondering if it might be the best programme title ever. To be honest, we think it might just be.

However, the show itself, we're not so sure about. It's a good rule of thumb to assume that the brilliance of a programme's title will be inversely proportional to the brilliance of its actual content (see also: I Smack And I'm Proud), and our messageboard readers got the distinct impression that there was a touch of the pointless, victimised whinge about this show.

Still, we're an equal opportunities previewer and we'll reserve judgement, lest anybody think that we're fattist or something (Jimmy Carr: "No, I think you're fattest. Ho ho ho!") Although we don't approve of all this title-censoring. What's the big deal? Fuck, fuckitty, fuck fuck fuck.

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