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Beale breaker

SOAPS! EastEnders, BBC1, 8.00pm

EastEndersThere's not much we felt like recommending on TV tonight (although possibly worth a passing look are new BBC1 sitcom Not Going Out and the BBC3 repeat of the bizarre new series Dogtown), but there's impending misery due for Ian Beale in EastEnders and that always helps to brighten up a cheerless evening.

You can guarantee that any wife-slash-girlfriend of Ian's will cheat on him, and more often than not they will do so with a Mitchell. It's just some kind of law in Albert Square, especially with the way that any halfway-strong-minded female suddenly goes all weak-kneed when they're on the receiving end of the neanderthal, potato-like charms of the Mitchell Bruvvers. So Jane slept with Grant (of course), and Ian's been kept blissfully unaware - until tonight, where Ian pisses Phil off (again, some more) and Phil decides to let the juicy secret slip out.

Quite why anyone's even remotely surprised by this turn of events, we're not really sure. We're surprised the other residents of Walford don't run some kind of sweepstake on how long it'll take for Ian's latest fancy piece to have her head turned by the local bit of rough, because some people could be quids in if they put their minds to it. Anyway, no doubt Ian will have completely forgotten all of his recent misdemeanours (employing Dawn to pose as his wife in order to impress his friends springs to mind) and get all mardy. Um, hooray?

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