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FIERCE! America's Next Top Model, Living TV, 9.00pm

America's Next Top ModelWe've endured ten weeks of the British equivalent, but now it's time to get back to the original and best, as America's skinniest line up for the opportunity to be publicly humiliated by Tyra Banks and co. Yes, America's Next Top Model is back for a sixth season, and we're very excited. Especially since this season they appear to have given up casting girls who actually have model potential and gone directly for the ones who are likely to cause the most drama.

There's a special two-hour premiere for this series, where the first hour sees Tyra, Mr Jay and Miss J choosing the final 13 girls who will still be in the running to become America's next top model, and that's followed up by the first challenge proper where they go and do a photoshoot and someone gets eliminated. Hooray! Now, we know all about this episode so we shall try not to spoil it for you (although that picture over there is a pretty good indicator of who makes the finals), but the makeover for the photoshoot is definitely what you might call drastic. Although not as drastic as we would have liked, and you'll see what we mean when it happens.

In terms of who to watch out for, our favourites for entertainment value are Danielle, Joanie and Furonda. But be warned: if you thought Yaya was bad, or Bre was insane, just you wait until you see Jade, "the undiscovered supermodel". Yeah, undiscovered for a very good reason. Have at it!

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