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Never mind the Horrocks

DRAMA! The Amazing Mrs Pritchard, BBC1, 9.00pm

We chose that headline very deliberately, largely because the 1996 one-off comedy special Never Mind The Horrocks is one of our favourite television programmes ever. We will never forget the sight of Jane Horrocks as a prim black-and-white children's TV presenter plummily stating "I'll tell you something for nothing, children: this is fucking boring, isn't it?", or her spoof of US breakfast TV with Rebecca Front ("BOOWOP! BOOWOP! Cute guy alert!"). The fact that it's never been repeated or released on DVD or anything like that (to the best of our knowledge) is one of the great tragedies of our life.

This isn't a comedy, but it has got Jane Horrocks in, so it gets an automatic pass to the front page purely because of that. The plot can be summed up thusly: Ros Pritchard is a supermarket manager who is disillusioned with politics, so she stands on the independent ticket at the local elections. Her no-nonsense policies get the public on side, and it all snowballs and leads to her becoming prime minister, which is where the problems REALLY begin.

It's an interesting concept, although we've not been 100% convinced by the trailers just yet. But we're still keener on the idea of watching this than we are on watching Nigel Harman plank his way woodenly through that thing that'll be opposite this on ITV, and our aforementioned love for Jane Horrocks really is quite strong, so we're going to put aside our reservations and catch this, quite likely.

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