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Jack of all trades

DOUR! Lead Balloon, BBC4, 10.30pm

Lead BalloonYou might want to sit down when you hear about the latest role Jack Dee's got up his sleeve, such a shock to the system it is - he's playing an embittered, dour stand-up comedian who's constantly annoyed by life's little idiosyncrasies. It's going to be such a stretch for him, isn't it?

This has been getting far more trailer coverage than your average BBC4 show, so we're going to go out on a limb and hope that it's going to be quite good. The Radio Times (gods bless that fine publication, because we'd be utterly buggered without it, and not in the good way) has suggested that it's rather an obvious knockoff of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but done well. We have no problem with that, because we like that show and we like Jack Dee, so if this is greater than or equal to the sum of its parts we ought to be able to quite enjoy it. And we never thought that TV previewing would feel quite so much like a maths lesson.

In this opening episode, Rick Spleen (for that is who Jack Dee is playing, you see) gets another low-rent booking on an ad campaign for recycling. We can imagine where that's going to end up, but fingers crossed the fun's in the journey.

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whom is the woman in this program? i feel like i know her from something and like her already but can't remember what.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:31 am  

If it's the one in the trailer, she was in the first series (and maybe the second too) of Teachers.

By Anonymous Steve, at 1:33 pm  

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