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Who will become...blah blah blah?

POSING! Britain's Next Top Model, Living TV, 9.00pm

Britain's Next Top ModelWe're at the end of the second series, and we have learnt some important things (well, we've gleaned some important things from the clips we've been able to watch, due to our continual not-havingness when it comes to Living TV). We have learnt that British girls can create every bit as much drama as their American counterparts, even if they don't have such bizarre names. We've also learnt that despite the general increased-budgetness of the feel of this series, the eliminations still take place in the world's tackiest boxroom, but hey ho.

Now, if we can interpret the Living TV website correctly, there are three girls remaining - only one of whom, of course, can become Britain's next top model. Abigail, Jasmia and Lianna (and somebody's going to tell us we've got that wrong, but see above re: being totally reliant on the internet to find all of this out). Picking a name out at random, we think Jasmia will win. Don't ask us why, because we certainly haven't got a good reason other than the feeling in our water.

And for those of you who've been missing the adventures of Tyra and co, do not worry, for we believe that the sixth "cycle" of America's Next Top Model starts in the same slot next week. May there be beer-pouring-in-weaves aplenty.

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