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The Trump card

BUSINESS! The Apprentice USA, BBC2, 11.20pm

The Apprentice USAIt feels as though it's a really slow week for good TV, since we're basically reduced to recommending a clip show today. Boo! But this season of The Apprentice USA has been every bit as much fun as the last one, and if you've not been able to keep up with this season (a problem we can understand, since it is actually on in the middle of the goddamn night - what's that about, eh?), this is a good chance to catch up.

Things you may have missed if you haven't been paying close attention to this series: the awesome Carolyn barely being able to contain her laughter at ditsy Tana trying to talk street, Chris having a small "episode" every time he's forced to defend himself in the boardroom, often turning green and ripping off his shirt, Alex attempting to hang with the kids on a community advertising project, Danny annoying everyone with his guitar, Verna quitting, Audrey snitting "whether it's a $5 or a $500 toilet seat, your ass doesn't know the difference", Erin's numerous snarky asides to the camera (we're really starting to love her), Michael, John and Brian being male chauvinist pigs of the highest order, and nobody being able to pronounce "Tara" or "Craig" properly, as has been noted on the messageboards.

So this episode is one of those cheap rundowny ones that they use as a bit of filler to keep us all hanging on for an extra week (or an extra night, given the way it's being scheduled over here), but if any of the above sounded interesting to you, tune in tonight and you'll probably see a wee bit of it in greater detail. And if not, you can always stare at the marvel that is Donald Trump's hair.

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