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Quoted Intently

BRAINY! QI, BBC2, 10.00pm

QIYou may well decide to call us geeks for recommending this show, but we don't care; we love QI. Perhaps it's because we love Stephen Fry and would quite like him to be our friend, perhaps it's because we secretly (or indeed not so secretly anymore) love learning new stuff, especially really random things that we can use to wow people at dinner parties, and partly because we just find the show very, very entertaining. That's not a crime, surely?

Apologies aside, you should know what to expect by now. Stephen Fry is the QI master, and every week four erudite and/or witty people join him to talk about strange and unusual facts and make lots of jokes along the way. This week we can delight in the company of Sean Lock, Jimmy Carr, Jo Brand and Alan Davies. And much like Have I Got News For You, there is a scoring system but nobody really cares who wins or loses because that's not important. What's important is that we all laugh a lot on the way to the end.

This series will be focusing on the letter D, and tonight we will be learning about the dangers of tea cosies, apparently. We'll be taking notes, just in case.

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