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Excuse us, ploise

NOICE! Kath & Kim, Living TV, 10.30pm
Missing Kath & Kim on BBC2? Well, there can't be many of you blessed with the ability to receive Living TV who've not noticed that they're now running series three of Kath & Kim, but that doesn't mean we can't draw your attention to it all the same. The joy of success is that they can now attract all kinds of glamorous guest stars to pop in for a quick cameo, although we hope they don't get carried away with it in quite the same way that Will & Grace did. Last week we had a double whammy of guest appearances, one from Rachel Griffiths (of Muriel's Wedding and Six Feet Under fame) and one from Mark Holden (less familiar on these shores, but he's one of the judges in Australian Idol). Sadly we're not quite up to the stage where Kylie Minogue appears as Epponnee Rae, but this week star-spotters can look out for Geoffrey Rush. Main story-wise there's a family crisis that sees Brett and Epponnee rushing to the Gold Coast, while Kath and Kel worry that they've been living in each other's pockets a little too much, and would do well to spend some time apart. That'll end well, we're sure. Rest assured, very little has changed. Kim might be a mum now, but she's still a hornbag, and Kath's being married hasn't stopped her being "hoigh maintenence". We wouldn't have them any other way.

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Check this out from Kath & Kim fan forum. Very yumourous!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:59 am  

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