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Love soup actually

AWWW! Love Soup, BBC1, 9.00pm
There are two surefire ways of getting your TV programme previewed on lowculture: one is to include numerous scenes of gratuitous male nudity (or at least shirtlessness), providing said male is attractive - that's why we don't normally draw too much attention to late night episodes of Hollyoaks. The other is to cast Tamsin Greig, whom we love. The best thing that we can say about this programme, given that we've not actually seen it yet, is that it finally puts Tamsin Greig where she belongs - in the absolute, no-holds-barred starring role. She's paid her dues in plenty of ensemble pieces before this - notably as Fran the neurotic neighbour in Black Books and the lovely but eternally confused Dr Caroline Todd in Green Wings, both roles that gave her plenty of screen time, but also required her to share it with the likes of Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Sarah Alexander, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Michelle Gomez. This time around, she's playing perfumier Alice in David One Foot In The Grave Renwick's romantic drama (based loosely on him and his wife, apparently), a girl who is clearly destined to be with American writer Gil (Michael Landes, whom you might remember from his fresh-faced days as the original Jimmy Olson in Lois & Clark before he was fired for looking too much like Dean Cain - and if you ever wanted to soften the blow of sudden unemployment, that's a pretty great way of going about it) but fate conspires to keep them apart. Trudie "Mrs Sting" Styler guest stars as Alice's depressed neighbour, just to ram home the fact that this is a pretty impressive cast list. We're also led to believe that it's far less schmaltzy than your average romcom, with lots of sarcasm to keep the bitter viewers happy. Hurrah!

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One of you must be able to help with this - the nurse who was checking lovely Gil's blood pressure (or what ever was wrong with him) - was she Scary Sarah who stalked Martin in eastenders?? Someone must know, and its going to bug me all day if I don't find out!

By Anonymous Ruthie, at 9:17 am  

Yes definately was

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:26 pm  

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