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Missing: presumed returned

BACK! The 4400, Sky One, 8.00pm
The reason why everything that you lose is said to be in the last place you look is, of course, because you stop looking once you've found it. Any old fool knows that. The matter is a little more complicated, of course, when the lost item turns out to be 4400 people who've all disappeared at one point or another over the last century and reappear in one giant lump one day, all exactly as they were when they disappeared. That's the basic premise behind this series, anyway, back on Sky One (or Sky Onc, as we lovingly refer to it, thanks to its ill-penned logo) for a second season. Obviously there's a high level of government interest in these people to find out what the significance of the return is, and we're assured that their reappearance will "change the human race" forever. Ooo! etc. It looks like lots of fun in a "best not to take it too seriously" sort of way, and there is the requisite American drama eye-candy (see above). A good way of whiling away an hour, we reckon.

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