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Gratuitous? Us?

COCKS! Porn with Attitude, Channel 4, 11.00pm
If anyone didn't quite understand our sudden rant last week about Channel 4 showing Private Benjamin, this might perhaps clear things up, because this is what we meant by "the sort of thing that Channel 4 shows at 11 o'clock". Honest-to-goodness porn. Or honest-to-goolies porn, if you prefer. Obviously regulations of taste and decency mean that they're not allowed to show sheer uninterrupted porn on an unencrypted channel (or are they? How else do you explain late-night Hollyoaks?), the angle of this programme is that it's part of a season exploring the links between hip-hop and porn. In other words, it's going to explain to us how 50 Cent's videos became possible. We're hoping there might be an appearance from Blu Cantrell somewhere in all of this (although she maintains that "nude pictures are not porn"), but we are promised appearances from Ice-T, members of NWA, and porn star extraordinaire Ron Jeremy. That's assuming that anyone tuning into this cares who's being interviewed, so long as they get to see some titties.

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