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The filthy beasts are getting everywhere

POOFY! Taggart, ITV1, 9.00am
Only a mini-preview today, as to be perfectly honest we couldn't find much that we wanted to preview and we were feeling quite lazy. However! (Yes, this is so important that a largely ungrammatical one word sentence was necessary.) We did feel that we had an obligation to point out that there are moxual goings-on in Taggart tonight. We don't actually watch the show, except occasionally when we're stuck in and channel-surfing on a Friday night, so without copying verbatim from the Radio Times it's hard for us to give any kind of intricate detail on this. Going by what we've been told, DC Stuart Fraser has been fulfilled the role of token gay on the programme for ten years now without getting any kind of onscreen man-on-man action. If they're going for the "we don't spend too much time on the characters' personal lives" thing, then that's fair enough, but to be honest we're still waiting for any kind of really good reason for depriving us of gaiety. Anyway, tonight he'll be getting his first on-screen kiss with one of his ex-boyfriends - a quick, fleeting one by all accounts, but a kiss nonetheless. So if, like us, you'll watch anything if someone tells you there are gays in it, consider it almost Christmas.

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