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This time it's personal

FILM CHOICE! Speed 2: Cruise Control, ITV2, 9.00pm
We normally try to avoid including films in our selection of daily highlights here on lowculture, partially because recommending films doesn't fall entirely within our remit (although by all means have a discussion about them on our messageboards), and partially because there's normally so much of interest on telly that it looks like a cop-out to point out good films. However, we're changing our minds in this case, and again our reasons are twofold: in the first instance, there really is a shocking lack of good stuff to recommend for you to watch (incidentally, if you know something great that we've not spotted, don't just sit on it, comment and let us know!) in this late-summer lull before the Autumn season starts, and in the second instance, this film fulfils all of the criteria for being a lowculture classic film because not only is it a sequel (a sequel with a "2" on the end and a weak subtitle to boot), but we're reliably informed (thanks to having avoided it thus far) that it really is all kinds of shit. After surviving a battle with Dennis Hopper's big, bus bound bomb in the first outing, Sandra Bullock books herself a nice cruise to get over it all. Because what better way to forget your near-miss experience of almost being blown to bits on a hijacked bus than to book yourself some more time on mass transportation that won't be easy to evacuate in a hurry? And with shaven-headed Keanu out of the picture, she hooks up with Jason Patric (fighting all the way with the ship's decking for the award of most wooden performance) only to find herself in a severe déjà vu situation. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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Jason Patric - wooden? yes ... but OH so pretty!

By Anonymous s'good, at 1:29 pm  

Not to mention the fact that UB40 are on that boat... did they get out alive?

By Blogger Stuart Ian Burns, at 11:10 pm  

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