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Oops!...We did it again

MORE BRITNEY! Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, E4, 10.30pm
If your appetite for Britney was not sufficiently whet by Britney’s Redneck Roots on Tuesday, this is your chance to see Britney’s much-vaunted reality TV show, inviting us all to take a sneaky peek into her life as Mrs Federline. And to anyone who put a bet on Britney ever attempting to copy Jessica Simpson way back in the late nineties when they first appeared on the scene, that's some nice - if extremely imaginative - thinking. We’re still waiting for the Britney covers album to surface so that we can cash in on our bet on Britney resorting to copying Mandy Moore. This show aired on America’s UPN network recently to fairly disastrous ratings (and UPN is a fairly low-rating network in the first place), so much so that they stitched the final two episodes together and resorted to running repeats in its slot the following week. Funnily enough, that hasn’t put us off wanting to watch this in the slightest and we’re looking forward to watching this in all its car-crash, trashy, tracksuit-weddinged glory. Oh, E4, sometimes you spoil us.

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