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School's in

CARTOONY! Bromwell High, Channel 4, 11.20pm
Animation for adults is always a bit of a tricky thing to pull off. The graveyard of Channel 4’s, er, graveyard scheduling is littered with adult animations that, while good and critically acclaimed, never quite caught on in the same way that South Park or Monkey Dust did. The pedigree behind this new show looks pretty impressive: it’s written by Stephen Merchant (who also does voices), and the vocal talent behind the vast array of weird and wonderful characters includes Green Wing’s Stephen Mangan, EastEnders’ Tracy-Ann Oberman, Doon MacKichan and Gina Yashere. For those of you wondering what the “sit” in this sitcom happens to be, it’s set in a rundown inner London school and stars a selection of disaffected students (think “am I bothered?”) and thwarted teachers. Could quite well have cult hit written all over it.

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