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A buncha white chicks sittin' around talkin'

OUTSPOKEN! Loose Women, ITV1, 1.30pm
The new series of ITV's hit daytime "let's all sit around and talk about nothing much but pretend it's controversial" show started yesterday of course, but it was the final of America's Next Top Model, and let us tell you that it will be a chilly day in Hades before we put Loose Women above that. Not that we're not glad to see this back, of course, because it's a veritable staple of the lowculture diet and always gets a warm reception on our messageboards, and quite possibly a cup of coffee and a selection of biscuits to boot. We're willing to bet that ITV are especially glad to see this show back, as they've not had an easy time in their daytime scheduling of late. Despite rebranding as ITV Day and having a reasonably successful advertising campaign to show people what they're missing, the ratings have remained at a disappointing level, and even Nigella Lawson's chatshow hasn't provided respite from this. We're confident that this will be a hit all over again, as it's one of those formats that's so hard to switch off even if you don't like it: a bunch of people sitting around a table and arguing. Either you agree with them and you feel validated, or you disagree with them and you start shouting at your telly, but whichever way you've still ended up getting involved in the whole shebang. And while we missed pointing out lowculture hero Meera Syal on the show yesterday, today's guest is as good (if not better): arguably the world's first loose woman, TV's Wonder Woman alias Lynda Carter! She'll be joining Kaye Adams, Carol McGiffin and Terri "I'll Do Anything" Dwyer around that familiar table, and we are very excited about it. Lunchtimes are fun again. Hooray! Except it clashes with Neighbours. Bah!

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Loose Women is drivel and I encourage anyone who finds themselves watching it that there is a world out there.

They've had some jackass on the show today who's gone to the trouble of writing a book on how much he hates fat people. I didn't catch the name but the book is, "Death by Chocolate". But he's a moron who admittedly lived in LA for a while so I guess that explains his obsession with other people's weight and especially in oppressing women (actually, men too) with his hate.

Loose Women is insipid ITV cheap TV fare by normal standards. A bunch of Z-list celebs in the over-40 bracket who cannot even get work on soaps or reality shows sit around and moan about how they're not beautiful any more and how crap their lives are. Stuff like that, I don't know, I don't watch often, but that's what I see when I watch it. They want to be the forum for women in this country, but by my reckoning they seem to spend more time bitching about other women than anything else.

So why not fat people? Another easy target. I naively believed that when this bloke spewed out his crap about how obese people look terrible, eat nothing but fast food and cost him, the taxpayer, money by using up all the money from the NHS, that they might respond with a balanced and at least somewhat researched argument back. Oh but NO!!! Not a word on smokers, which some of them are, drug abusers and people who come to this country purely to abuse the NHS system and go home to the middle east or beyond (and I've known people who have done this, so don't tell me I'm wrong).

I weigh around 260lb and the last time I went to the hospital was 8 years ago when I broke my arm. What did that have to do with my fat? The only times I've seen my GP this year is to get allergy tablets (again, nothing to do with fat) and a couple of moles (again, not fat-induced). I don't have any health issues because I do not smoke and do not take drugs. I eat a lot and some of the wrong things but generally I eat a varied diet, taking in raw veg and seeds. I have fast food maybe once a week, but my job entails me sometimes to get food on the hop. When they open a 24 hour health food takeaway I'll be interested, but even so, what fucking business is it of ANYONE elses?

You hate fat because you fear it, it's that simple. You wrote your book because you became obsessed when you were in LA, because you have no brain of your own and want to be loved and accepted by the people you wish you were. Anything that threatens that you fear and therefore hate.


What infuriated me though, is not this idiot's whingeing, but the support it received from this oh-so-accepting-of-everyone panel of self-opinionated, self-obsessed and self-righteous bitches. They agreed with every word he said!!! Apart from the fucking out-dated damage that this does to take people further away from the acceptance of fat people, they've thrown their own fear and hate venom at us by agreeing! Look at it this way. They are 4 women who are, by media terms at least, over the hill, ugly and therefore useless. Which I've also an issue with, but that's another blog. So they're comfortable at bitching about their industry colleagues who are successful and working and/or looked up to in some way by society. They do it all the time. So that's one thing. Another thing is what I've mentioned before. They're not getting any younger, they're in an industry where women are judged, every inch, and therefore are aware of their disappearing youths, that their best is behind them, and that getting older, by the media (and therefore their employers') standards are ugly. They know they're lucky to have this job where the unemployed/stayathome mums/old women will listen to what they say and like them. They don't want to lose that job or risk not getting another. So like everyone else in the media industry (and by the way, I do work in the media, so I know what I'm talking about), they're obsessed with their looks. Not that obsessed, judging by their faces and their wrinkles, but hey. They've been accepted onto TV because they're relatively slim, and that, is all they've got. No wonder they're venomous toward fat people too, why not?

They've got a lesbian on there - what if I wrote a book on how homosexuality is immoral and a sign of insanity? What about the anorexic one? Oh yes, it's okay to be anorexic because it's sad and you're just trying to be accepted by society and it's an obsessive and negative relationship with food. Hm. Sound familiar? If they have a black presenter on there (and by the way, I've never seen one, so I'm guessing they're racist too), would it be okay for me to write a book on how black people really are barbarians who have not graduated from the jungle and are the reason that society has become so dangerous and sex-obsessed? No of course, not, because that would be fucking ridiculous.

They harped on about how it's the individual's responsibility and that people should make an effort to lose weight. I agree. I say we all go out for a walk or to the gym when this piffle is on.

But then in the next subject - about giving up smoking or something, one of them went on about how she hates being told not to smoke, and when she's tried to give up her husband doesnt and it torments her. This is a person whose eventual cancer will cost the NHS and is probably costing the NHS already, not just because it's her smoking (and therefore her, "responsibility"?) - but what about the passive smoking around her? What about the fact that she has children who see her and her husband smoke and that it teaches them that it's okay to smoke even though mummy tells them it's a terrible thing. They'll be sucking off the NHS too. So - hypocrite, hate-mongerer, NHS-abuser and a bad parent too.

Oh btw, she was talking about an ex-partner of hers being controlling. She didn't hide it too well, she was talking about David Easter. If anyone's interested. Which I doubt.

And by the way even if my weight DOES mean I take money from the NHS - where do you think they got the money from in the first place? I PAID INTO IT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!

What it comes down to is that if you've got someone you can look down upon and be disgusted by, you can make yourself feel better by believing you are better than them? Pure psychology.

Perhaps then I'm too fat to watch there programme and I would encourage anyone else who doesn't fit into a size 12 not to watch as well. God forbid they should catch it.

By Blogger Jupiter Goddess, at 3:19 pm  

God. Breathe darling

By Anonymous N, at 1:10 pm  

Ha ha. You can't argue properly. You'd do well on Loose Women.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:20 pm  

What a bunch of has been missfits.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:42 pm  

Loose women is for those "oh so busy, pre-menstral mothers" who rush around and yell at everyone before they drop the kids off at school. The only reason they're in a rush is so they can get home and watch this a neuronal rubbish.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:38 pm  

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