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...but who wants to live in an institution?

POPULAR! Committed, Five, 7.30pm
Cast your minds back to four whole weeks ago, when we drew your attention to an appearance by erstwhile Popular star Leslie Bibb in an episode of Nip/Tuck, and lamented the fact that so many of the cast have failed to find vehicles worthy of their talents since the show's demise. Well, we still don't know if the "worthy" part of that statement is true, but we can announce with a level of fanfare that Tammy Lynn Michaels (überbitch Nicole Julian) has a recurring role in this low-key sitcom on Five. It's yer classic odd-couple saga, where Nate and Marni meet against all odds and their considerable differences, and attempt to find that all important love connection despite their various idiosyncrasies. It sounds like a thousand other US sitcoms, and to be perfectly honest, there isn't much of a twist. The only reason we're recommending it is thanks to Tammy Lynn Michaels's brilliantly spiky turn as Tess, the next-door-neighbour's indifferent babysitter. Try to imagine Will & Grace's Karen Walker being left holding the baby, and that should give you some idea of where we're heading here. Like we said, there's very little that's revolutionary in all of this, but it's fun and likeable and features the requisite sassy sidekicks, so there are worse ways of spending half an hour.

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