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The last laugh

ENDING! Extras & The Catherine Tate Show, BBC Two, from 9.00pm
Is it just us, or are Thursday nights going to feel a bit barren from now on? For the past six weeks we've known that Thursday is Big Comedy Night, but two of our favourite comedies are set to bow out this evening - in style, we hope. The final episode of Extras sees archetypal loser Andy finally getting a sniff of his big break when this week's guest star (it's almost impossible to use that phrase without thinking of Will and Grace) Patrick Stewart lends his thespian clout to a comedy script that Andy's been working on. Of course, we all know by this point that something has to horribly wrong, causing the entire viewing audience to hide behind their fingertips and squeak like infant mice. In this case, it's Andy's visible discomfort at working with some of the many gays that populate the BBC (outrage! How dare they use public money to fund such immorality! Storm Broadcasting House! Reclaim your licence fee! etc.) on the pilot episode. And let's not reckon without best friend Maggie's extraordinary talent for sying exactly the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time. Meanwhile, over in the land of the extremely talented Catherine Tate, there are further problems of a gay variety for Lauren, who suspects that one of her teachers might be gay (outrage! How dare they...hold on, we've done this bit). She is, of course, not bothered. Because her face doesn't look bothered. And if you look at her face, you'll see that she's not bothered. Are you calling her mother a prostitute? No, of course you aren't. And as if that weren't enough, there's a guest appearance from Peter Kay. We'll be sad to say goodbye to Nan, Elaine, Lauren, Amanda aka Zebedee and all of our other favourite characters, but fortunately for us, the DVD of the first series is out now. What's that? Plug plug? Why, yes, we just did.

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sorry but i thought extras was crap. not even a hint of any realism (not that i'm saying there has to be) and not a patch on The Office.

Ricky Gervais will be forgotten in a couple of years.

And don't get me started on Catherine Tate...

By Blogger Jupiter Goddess, at 3:18 pm  

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