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Where The Subconscious Is

FUZZY! Where The Heart Is, ITV1, 8pm
Denise Van Outen made a slightly low-key debut in last week's episode of our favourite Sunday feelgood shitfest, only appearing in the last few scenes. We saw Denise's character, Kim Blakeney, have her purse stolen in nastly old London, after which she decided to apply for a job as a nurse in Skelthwaite. She arrives tonight, and so excited is lowculture about this development that our subconscious mind actually dreamed a whole opening episode for Kim last night. It featured a rather complicated plot in which, while trying to expose a bogus nurse who was running amok in the clinic, Kim was caught in possession of false qualifications and came under suspicion from that one who used to be in May To December. It was all quite thrilling really and, as far as we can recall, it was left to lowculture to save the day in the end. That probably won't happen in the real episode, though. Sigh!

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