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The O.Ceason Finale

DRAMA! The O.C., E4, 9.00pm
Hey, don’t sneer at the title – we consider it our duty to make bad puns on this show’s title before the show gets there first, okay? Now, you may have noticed that we’ve been less than complimentary about this season of The O.C. – the endless round of love triangles, lesbian-themed sweep stunts and all-round character assassinations hasn’t exactly been winning us over so far. However, reports from the other side of the pond suggest that the final episode of the season raises the quality standard by fifteen thousand percent (not an exact figure), so we plan to tune in tonight in the hope of seeing the show back to its former glory. So, after last week, where Caleb plummeted poolwards and met an untimely (albeit not that untimely, dude was old) end, this week everyone in Newport is donning their most fashionable black outfit to attend the funeral. The Cohens are attempting to deal with Kirsten’s drinking problem, while Ryan and Marissa are trying to deal with Trey, plus we’re promised a serious cliffhanger. All we need now is for Seth to return to his adorkable old self and we’ll be regular viewers once more.

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Oh it's worth watching alright, I caught it last night on TG4 in Ireland. There's lashings of drama to be had!

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