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This bites

YUM! Nigella, ITV1, 1.30pm
lowculture is beginning to suspect that we might be psychic. Just the other day we were watching a Nigella Bites marathon on UKTV Food and thinking “hmm, that’s odd. Nigella used to be all over the place, and now it seems eerily quiet on the Lawson front. We wonder what she’s up to?” And shortly after thinking that, lo and behold, up pops this fancy-sounding daytime lifestyle show on ITV1 hosted by none other than Nigella herself. Those of you hoping for some risqué shots of phallic-looking asparagus tips might well be disappointed as it’s not all about the cooking this time; it's more of an all-encompassing magazine format including star interviews, fascinating gadgets, fashion and, yes, a cooking segment – not always handled by Nigella herself, mind. It sounds like it stands a good chance of being one of the better daytime shows, and frankly anything that suggests it might help us learn how to develop a sheen of goddess-like grace and serenity like Nigella has will always get the thumbs-up from us.

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I think I am also psychic. I think charlotte church will be on today.

By Anonymous jamie, at 12:33 pm  

I'm post-psychic. I think Val Kilmer was on yesterday...

By Blogger Dr Rock, at 1:09 pm  

I know. I saw that too. I don't know when she's going to be on then as this email newsletter was saying that it was going to be recorded on the 28th june. *Not live shocker*

I quite enjoyed it yesterday especially the way that Nigella has become a bit of a parody of herself.

By Anonymous jamie, at 3:35 pm  

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