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Don't look now...

SWEENEY! Chef v Britain, ITV1, 1.30pm
We never thought we’d say this, but there isn’t nearly enough of Claire Sweeney on the telly these days. Terrifying concept, isn’t it? It makes us suspect that if you come back to lowculture in 2008 and we’ll be complaining that there aren’t enough humiliating reality TV shows. Yikes. Anyway, we’re pleased to say that La Sweeney has once again been embraced into the bosom of ITV Day, hosting this show which we’re presuming to be some kind of cookery challenge. From what we can discern from the concept, a member of the public issues a challenge to a bona fide chef to cook a particular dish, and then some other members of the public decide who’s the winner. That said: who cares? It’s Claire Sweeney, and she’s back on our screens. Phew!

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