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Business as usual

FIRED! The Apprentice USA, BBC2, 11.20pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.comA disappointingly late-night outing for the second season of the original big business reality show (though those of you with BBC Three can watch it at 9pm, like we did last week). Every bit as addictive and dramatic as the UK version, and with a little pinch of added glamour New York-style, this is one of our favourite TV treats for the week. After the shock firing of Bradford last week – not an unpleasant shock, mind, since we’re glad to have the arrogant, misogynistic know-it-all off our screens nice and early – Mosaic and Apex are being extra vigilant in their next task: developing a $50,000 promotional campaign for Proctor and Gamble. Who gets fired is anybody’s guess, but we’ll tell you whom we’d like to stick around for a few more weeks: John, our new TV boyfriend. Okay, so last week he was a bit (read: a lot) of a tosser when he told his colleagues that in order to save money he wasn’t going to allow them to eat, particularly when telling hypoglycaemic Raj that he couldn’t have breakfast (that said, we suspect Raj’s problem may be an entirely different condition beginning with “hypo”. And ending in “chondria”). But who are we to be dismissive when he is so, so pretty. Just look at that picture above. Sigh.

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