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This time we know it's for real

GOING DAHN! Bad Girls, ITV1, 9.00pm
Well, it’s not before time, that’s for certain: this is unequivocally the final appearance of evil Jim Fenner. We suspect that both the writers and the actor felt there was nowhere else they could go with the character, and while we feel that’s not strictly true – after all, there’s a constant supply of new inmates for him to rape, pillage and murder, isn’t there? – to keep him around for too long would be stretching credibility. Well, stretching it further, we mean. We still haven’t quite got our heads around how he managed to get his job in Larkhall back after being imprisoned for putting on a dress and wig and pretending to be Karen Betts while running someone over, but then we have missed quite a few episodes this series. Anyway, there is no shortage of people who’d quite like to kill Fenner once and for all – all the inmates, along with several of the staff including Guv’nor Gaylord and Mad Di Barker, seem to have motive enough to go finish him, but who – if anyone – will have the guts to do it? And, more importantly, will we all be reminiscing fondly in twenty years about where we were when Jim Fenner got shot/stabbed/flattened/suffocated etc? Find out tonight.

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